Home deliveries: We’ll send you a reminder text the day of delivery and specify with as much accuracy as possible the exact delivery time.

School deliveries: We'll be outside the main gate from 3pm-3:45pm. You may pick up your order at anytime in that window.

Find more details on our Frequently Asked Questions page!


    Why should I order from Market aTuPuerta?

    When you buy from Market aTuPuerta you're supporting artisan vendors, restaurants, and organic farms throughout Quito. Try products from "Our Brands" or our best sellers to get truly unique products that customers love.

    The Basics

    We sell a variety of artisan and organic products, local produce, some grocery store staples and otherwise difficult to find products from throughout Quito. Browse our products to see the variety and quality of our products!

    By 10pm two days prior to the delivery date. Specifically, Monday home deliveries must be placed by Saturday at 10pm, Tuesday workplace deliveries must be placed by Sunday at 10pm and Thursday home deliveries must be placed by Tuesday by 10pm.

    As we’re trying to reduce plastic use through our bag system we ask that you keep the bags in good condition and return them to us on your next delivery. This exchange system allows us to affordably reduce waste and reuse bags with other clients.

    Absolutely. Any payment you make through our website is 100% secure. If you’d like more detailed information about the security of your payments look here.

    Via our website, we accept credit card and paypal. You may also make a direct transfer to our bank account in Ecuador via Banco Pichincha. You can view bank transfer info here.

    Yup! There are no foreign transaction fees for US or Canadian credit cards. However, if you prefer to pay through a local Ecuadorian bank we accept transfers via Banco Pichincha and Produbanco.

    Quality and freshness. This gives us time to communicate with our artisan vendors and restaurants and for them to process the order. We don’t do have storage so we have nothing in stock. Your delivery was processed that day and is as fresh as if you picked it up yourself.

    Absolutely! Our team is totally internal and they appreciate your tips. 100% of that money goes to them.

    Of course! Please reach out using our Contact Us page.


    Monday and Thursday we do home deliveries in the evenings typically between 5pm and 8:30pm. Tuesdays we deliver to workplaces at the end of the work day. On the day of delivery we’ll text you with a more specific delivery estimate.

    We currently deliver to the north center of Quito and to a select group of workplaces on Tuesdays.


    6 de Diciembre, Ana Luisa, Arroyo Delgado, Batán Alto, Batán Bajo, Bellavista, Bellavista Alta, Campo Alegre, Ciudadela Benalcázar, Colegio 24 De Mayo, Covales, Cruz Tobar, El Batán, Estadio, Gabriela Marina, González Suárez, Granados, Guanguiltagua, Guápulo, Iñaquito, Iñaquito Bajo, Jardines Del Batán, Juan Montalvo, La Carolina, La Colina, La Colón, La Coruña, La Mariscal, La Paz, La Pradera, La República, Las Bromelias, Los Naranjos, Mariana De Jesús, Mariscal Sucre, Monteserrín, Petrolera, Playa Alta, Playa Baja, Plaza Artigas, Simón Bolivar


    Colegio Americano de Quito, Academia Cotopaxi

    Please contact us if you’d like us to expand to your neighborhood or your workplace. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of our expansion.

    Someone, whether that be you, a guard or a friend must be available to receive your delivery. Please talk to your guard prior to the delivery if that is your preference. Keep in mind that our products are delivered fresh and should be cared for properly. We are not responsible for spoiled products left out for an extended period of time.

    We will attempt to contact you and leave the groceries with the guard if possible. We will wait up to 10 minutes before moving on to the next customer. In case we cannot deliver, we’ll bring it back to our bodega where you can arrange to pick up the order on your own time.

    We will do our best to accommodate changes on a case by case basis. The sooner you contact us the better. Please contact us via our Facebook page or Contact Us directly and we’ll let you know if there’s time to process your request.

    You should receive a confirmation of your order via email. From there, we’ll process your order based on the day, location and time preferences you selected upon checkout. In addition, you’ll receive a reminder the day of your delivery in the morning that we’ll be delivering and we’ll send an additional notice approximately 45 minutes prior to arriving so you’re ready to receive the order.


    For Market aTuPuerta products there is a $5 flat rate for any order size. These products are those found under the “Our Brands” section and have an "M" tag on the product.

    Once grocery store items are added to the order the service fee is tiered in the following way:

    Orders less than $30 - $5

    Orders between $30 and $60 - $6

    Orders between $60 and $80 - $7

    Orders greater than or equal to $80 - $8

    Product Info and Returns

    Just like normal grocery shopping, on occasion products will be out of stock. In such cases we will do our best to contact you for a potential replacement item at the time of shopping. If we can’t get in touch, that item will not be charged. If you select “I’m flexible” upon checkout, we’ll find you a similar item with a comparable price and delivery that without getting in touch.

    Contact us ASAP and we’ll fix the problem. Possible solutions include a full refund or replacing the item on a future order. For spoiled and/or damaged items we require a photo to process the refund request and will report the issue to our vendor. Any refund/replacement requests must be received within 24 hours.

    Our products come from a variety of vendors which include local farms, restaurants, artisan vendors, and local grocery stores. We do everything we can to sell products from local small businesses to support the community and support sustainable systems.

    Please fill out our suggest a product form to tell us about great products! We’ll investigate and consider adding it to our online store.

    All products that require special handling will be maintained at the proper temperature until delivery. In addition, our entire delivery team is equipped with coolers specifically for frozen meats.

    There are two possibilities. If an item is completely missing from the site, chances are the vendor has no inventory of that product for that week. It may appear again the following week. If an item says sold out, that means it was available but all inventory has been purchased by other clients. 

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